A-SIT Plus Open Source

Sharing is Caring!

Below you'll find projects developed at A-SIT Plus published as free and open-source software. We heavily rely on Kotlin multiplatform. Hence, some of the project's buildscripts might also be of interest to the public, even if a certain project may be specifically tailored to our internal needs.

KMM VC Library

KMP (JVM and iOS) verifiable credentials library implementing the W3C VC data model and ISO 18013-5 mDL. Issue (ARIES, OID4VCI), present (ARIES, SIOPv2), and verify VCs.

VC Lib Swift Package

Swift package wrapping the KMM VC library. Also discusses recommended iOS-specific extensions for smoother integration in iOS apps. This package is directly usable in XCode projects.

Pupil ID Library

KMP library implementing features of the Austrian electronic pupil ID (edu.digicard) as W3C Verifiable Credentials. Targets iOS and Android on the client side, and the JVM on the back-end.

KMP Crypto

KMP abstractions of certificates, public keys, PCCS#10 CSRs, etc.
100% Kotlin pure ASN.1 parser + encoder included! Interoperates with JWS, COSE, and JCA datatypes.

Attestation Service

Server-side mobile client attestation library written in Kotlin. Provides a unified interface for remotely establishing trust in iOS and Android clients to JVM backends.

Android Attestation

High-level key attestation library (used by the attestation service) specific to Android. Based on Upstream code from Google. Conveniently configurable.

KMM Result

100% pure Kotlin multiplatform result class. Drop-in replacement for Kotlin's stdlib Result, but with the added benefit of also being usable from Swift and Objective C. Maps from/to Result.

KMM DGC Library

Kotlin (JVM+JS) implementation of the HCERT/DCC specification. Create and verify Electronic Health Certificates popu­larised during the second half of the COVID pandemic.

Swift ValidationCore

Swift library for validating Electronic Health Certificates (HCERT) po­pu­larised during the second half of the COVID pandemic.
An iOS demo app is also available.

Gradle Conventions

Custom Gradle Plugin used for our projects. Currently, it supports JVM-only projects and Kotlin Multiplatform projects. Also works as an example on how this can be done in general.

Cashbox Democode

Java demo code for producing and verifying signed cashbox receipts compliant with the Austrian cashbox security regulation. Conceived in 2015. Apache-licensed; uses maven.

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